Our Story

Begins in 1955

Our family immigrated to the Okanagan Valley from Portugal with only a suitcase in hand.

Connected to the Land

From our humble beginnings in Canada, our family’s hard work and farming expertise gave us the opportunity to purchase our first family orchard on the Naramata Bench in 1959. With over 60 years of farming in the South Okanagan, we intrinsically understand the many unique and diverse aspects of our land. Our time working the land allowed us to understand its nuances – what makes it truly special – and this knowledge is reflected in how we craft our wine.

Looking Forward

We have one foot rooted in history and one foot moving toward the future. Today we continue our family’s tradition of a deep-rooted connect and respect for the land. We drew extensively from this heritage when creating our winery in 2006. The evolution of our journey and wines are a testament to our family lineage. 


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